Evolution of Organisation at Titan Props

In April 2015 Titan Props began a bold new adventure: to organise its vast 11,000 sq. foot warehouse of film and television props. The aim was to give each prop – from the smallest cup to the largest side board – it’s own space and thus an equal chance of being seen. No more stacks of boxes, no more heaps of stuff and lots and lots of new shelves.

Not long ago, we finished the bulk of the organisation. A lot of you will have already been into the warehouse and seen the difference and what a difference it is! Now you can browse themed sections such as the Kitchen, the Science Lab the Office, the Library and the Pub and peruse more general sections brimming with items such as glassware, paintings and pictures, haberdashery or musical instruments.

But Team Titan weren’t content with just physically organising the stock. We wanted to extend the success we had in the warehouse to our online catalogue because not everyone can make it to Kinning Park for a tour and a cuppa. The incredible breadth and depth of our stock isn’t immediately apparent to our remote customers so we’ve added hundreds of items and photographs to the catalogue, improved the search function and designed helpful browsing categories.

The catalogue isn’t complete – our stock is always growing – but it will give you a good idea of what we have. So if you haven’t already, check it out http://titanprops.co.uk/prop-hire

To help you get the most out of the catalogue, the next blog post will explain how the system works and give you some pointers for searching.